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RCPV Project 2013-15

RCPV logo100Responding to Child to Parent Violence
A Daphne III Action Research Project 2013-2015

  • Five countries representing various regions of the EU, namely, Bulgaria, Ireland, Spain, Sweden and UK
  • Create training manuals
  • Provide training to practitioners
  • Conduct research on training and programme intervention
  • Disseminate and increase public awareness of CPV
  • Funded by the Daphne III programme of the European Union

Some of the Final Project Reports are available for Download from:


What is the Daphne III?

The Daphne III programme aims to contribute to the protection of children, young people and women against all forms of violence and attain a high level of health protection, well-being and social cohesion.

Its specific objective is to contribute to the prevention of, and the fight against all forms of violence occurring in the public or the private domain, including sexual exploitation and trafficking of human beings.

It aims to take preventive measures and provide support and protection for victims and groups at risk.

daphneIII100 with financial support from the DAPHNE programme of the European Union


Presentations made in Brighton, England- January 2015

E. Lauster Awareness raising of CPV for practitioners in Ireland_ Brighton Jan 2015 Presentation 29th Jan

Brighton-Declan Coogan- NVR Jan 2015

RCPV Project International Conferences were held in Galway, Ireland and in Brighton, England.

RCPV Project-End of Project International Conference

Child to Parent Violence: European Perspectives

28th and 29th January 2015 Brighton, England

RCPV Project-First International Conference

Child to Parent Violence: Innovations in Practice, Policy and Research

12th and 13th June 2014 Galway, Ireland

failte sign

Speaker Information – details about each of the speakers can be found here:

Speakers Info

A PDF version of the programme can be found here:

Conference Programme

Click here to see a PDF version of the complete Parallel Sessions and Workshop Schedule:

Paper and Workshop Programme

Copies of Presentations

Below are links to PDF versions of  presentations from the conference. They will be posted as they become available from the speakers.

Morning Sessions

Cathy Press & Carole Williams-WIC C Press C. Williams

Neusa Alexandra Parro Patuleia-Presentation CPV neusa patuleia

Peter Jakob-Galway multi-stress NVR 2014

Afternoon Sessions

Maite Ferrando-Maite F evaluating CPV June 2014

Alan Quinn-NVR Presentation A Quinn

Power 2 Change- Power2Change Powerpoint

Denis Murray- Denis Murray

Keynote Presentations

Peter Jakob-Nonviolence and a focus on the child

Any Additional Materials from the Speakers:

Peter Jakob- Article- NVR child focus final draft

CPV conference 2

NUI Galway Staff Newsletter

NUIG staff newsletter Oct 2014

NUIG staff newsletter Oct 2013

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