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NVR Ireland Network Membership-Terms of Reference and Membership Form

Development of the NVR Ireland Network and National Committee

Following suggestions from NVR practitioners/ trainers in Ireland, an open meeting of experienced NVR practitioners/ trainers was held on the 16th May 2019 at NUI Galway. It was proposed at that meeting that a professional network and a steering committee would be established, and that this professional network would be known as NVR Ireland.

Membership of the NVR Ireland Network is open to any child and family practitioner and/ or researcher/ academic who have attended NVR training (of at least 2 days duration and recognised by the National Committee of this Network), who have implemented NVR in their work and who, where relevant, have the support of their employer in the use of NVR. Members of the NVR Ireland Network continue their commitment to the implementation and further development of NVR throughout Ireland and further afield.

A steering group was proposed as one way of supporting the development of NVR across Ireland. Membership of the NVR Ireland National Committee is open to any practitioner/ academic who is also a member of the NVR Ireland Network. The NVR Ireland National Committee can also invite individuals to join the Committee where that person could bring relevant experience or expertise to the Committee.

From May 2019, the National Committee carries out its work on an interim basis until an AGM of the NVR Ireland Network which takes place on line (due to restrictions in place as a result of the COVID19 pandemic) on the 25th of November 2020. During this period, the NVR Ireland National Committee has a Chairperson, a Secretary and members of the National Committee who have emailed the Chairperson to express an interest in, willingness to work as members of the National Committee and identified a task she/ he would like to undertake as a member of the National Committee. The membership of the National Committee is currently comprised of a maximum of 9 members and has members from different parts of Ireland and different professional contexts. Any member of NVR Ireland can stand for election to the National Committee at the AGM on the 25th of November 2020.

What are the main aims of the NVR Ireland steering group?

The main aims of the steering group are as follows:

  • Identifying training needs and providing support for practitioners and researchers in Ireland who work with or who have an interest in individuals/ couples/ families experiencing Child to Parent Violence and Abuse (CPVA) and/ or other difficulties that could benefit from Non Violent Resistance Intervention;
  • Developing and providing accredited NVR training seminars and courses for practitioners and researchers (including students) in Ireland who wish to avail of it;
  • Making available support and consultation/ peer supervision for practitioners who use NVR in their practice with individuals/ couples/ families/ services;
  • Developing and maintaining quality standards for NVR best practice and NVR training in Ireland;
  • Increasing awareness among the public of child to parent violence and abuse and NVR;
  • Providing information for practitioners and the public about CPVA and about NVR;
  • Supporting implementation of NVR in a range of service contexts in Ireland;
  • Supporting as far as practical interventions that include an element of research;
  • Gathering data on the experiences of child to parent violence and abuse;
  • Developing links with individuals and agencies throughout Ireland and further afield with the aim of supporting the further development of NVR and of practice wisdom and research in this area.
Membership Form- If you would like to join NVR Ireland, please complete this form.

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