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For more information on any website items, please contact Declan Coogan or Eileen Lauster. On this page you will find people in Ireland that can provide the 2 day evidence based training on CPVA and NVR as supported by NVR Ireland best practices.

Dr. Declan Coogan, Lecturer,
Masters of Arts in Social Work Programme,
Research Fellow, UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre,
School of Political Science & Sociology, Aras Moyola,
National University of Ireland, Galway,
University Rd., Galway, Republic of Ireland.
Phone + 353 (0)91 495373
Email: declanp.coogan@nuigalway.ie

Dr. Declan Coogan
 has developed and continues to facilitate 2 day evidence and practice based training programme on Non Violent Resistance for Child to Parent Violence and Abuse for practitioners. Declan graduated with a Masters in Social Work from Queens University Belfast and worked for almost four years as a social worker in community care child protection and family welfare teams. Prior to joining NUI Galway, Declan worked for over nine years as a senior social worker as part of the community based multi-disciplinary Mater Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) in Dublin. He was also seconded to the multi-disciplinary Northside Inter-Agency Project (NIAP), a multi-disciplinary team with the aims of preventing sexual abuse and working with young people who have sexually abused and their families. He is a member of the Irish Association of Social Workers (IASW) and a committee member of the IASW special interest group of Social Workers in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. Declan is also a Systemic / Family Therapist registered with the Family Therapy Association of Ireland (FTAI).

Declan was the NUI Galway lead for the EU funded Responding to Child to Parent Violence Project (www.rcpv.eu ) and with Eileen Lauster, he convened the DAPHNE international conference: Child to Parent Violence: Innovations in Policy, Practice and Research at NUI Galway on the 12-13 June 2014.


Eileen Lauster, MSW
Counsellor and Trainer
Past Research Assistant Fellow, UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre
Galway, Republic of Ireland.
Phone + 353 (0)85-775-4582
Email: eileen.lauster@gmail.com
website: lctservices.org

Eileen Lauster
 is a Counsellor and Trainer specifically working in the field of CPVA and NVR.  She is also an External Tutor for the MA in Social Work Programme in the School of Political Science & Sociology at NUI Galway. She was the Research Assistant Fellow for the RCPV Project in Ireland and with Declan co-wrote the Non Violent Resistance Handbook for Practitioners: Responding to Child to Parent Violence in Practice in addition to published articles on the topic. She was awarded a Masters in Social Work, majoring in Administration and Community Organisation, from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan before practising as a social worker in child protection and welfare in the United States and in adult mental health services in Ireland. Eileen co-facilitated the Peaceful Parenting Programme and developed a new prevention programme for adolescent girls at risk for anti-social behaviours. She is a member of the Irish Association of Social Workers (IASW) and a committee member of the IASW Practitioners as Researcher Group. She is a Co-Chair of the Mid-West Responding to Child to Parent Violence and Abuse Committee.  She is available to present the 2 day CPVA and NVR practitioner training programme as well as train others.


Tara Kelly has been working with children and families for over twenty years with Tusla, the Child and Family Agency (formerly HSE).With a Diploma in Applied Social Studies (D.I.T) and a Masters in Child Protection and Welfare (TCD), she has worked with children and parents in residential care, foster care and in the community. She currently works part-time in Tusla where she manages a busy team of Social Workers and Social Care workers in supporting families under stress. Tara trained with Dr. Declan Coogan (NUI Galway) in CPVA and NVR and uses this programme and its approach extensively in her work with children and families. She supervises a team in using this approach to address Child to Parent Violence and Abuse and has trained Social Workers, Psychologists and Family Therapists on the topics as well. She can be reached through: http://www.newauthorityparenting.ie/


  1. Julie Mallen says:

    Hi I am a Social Worker and I am very interested in doing the NVR training, I am just wondering when the next training will take place ? How do I apply to fo this training?

    Kind Regards

    • NVR Ireland says:

      Hi Julie,
      Thanks for your message and for your interest in training in NVR. It is always great to have contact from social workers, as it was as a social worker in practice that I first began working with NVR. We usually list any training that is open to practitioners on the http://www.nvrireland.ie website but what generally happens is that groups of practitioners or services come together and request training from any of the accredited NVR trainers listed on that website. It is up to those who requested training then to decide whether to open the training to a wider group. Any training that has been organised and that I am aware of is reserved only for specific groups/ services. On Mondays in November, we plan to run an online training that is open to HSE staff only, as it is co-funded by the HSE. Booking is not yet open but advance information about it is available at https://www.iasw.ie/events/350-non-violent-resistance-in-practice-five-day-course
      I hope this information is helpful Julie.
      All the best,
      Declan Coogan

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